Day Trading Secret: Find Free, Non Easy-To-Borrow Stocks To Short

Cobra Trading, Inc.
Jan 3, 2022

At Cobra Trading, we are committed to helping our traders find non easy-to-borrow stocks at the lowest prices possible. Our goal is to provide you with more options on the table and fewer fees in order to reduce any potential losses.

There are five ways to locate non easy-to-borrow stocks. The first one is arguably the easiest: Simply contact us via a live chat feature on our website in the bottom right corner, and one of our knowledgeable, licensed, friendly reps will be there to help you.

Often, our team will be able to find non easy-to-borrow shares with no upfront costs. If none are available without the upfront cost, they’ll offer them at the lowest price they can find. At that point, it is your choice if you’d like to accept the offer or continue looking on your own.

You can find these via a Locate tool. There, you can choose one of four remaining options: Locate, Locate1, Locate2, and Locate3.

Many traders assume the system locates every possible option whenever they choose Locate. However, that’s not how the system is set up. To use this feature effectively, you’ll need to inquire about each option manually to see all the available prices.

If this process sounds confusing, check out the video we’ve made to help you locate the shares. Alternatively, just use the live chat feature, and one of our helpful customer service representatives will assist you. Again, they are often able to find locates with no upfront costs, and if this option is not available, they will make sure to find the lowest price.

There is a way to up your chances of getting non easy-to-borrow shares without the upfront cost. The earlier you start looking, the higher your odds are of getting the best deal.

No matter when you start looking for shares, we still suggest looking around and comparing all of the available prices to make sure that you are paying the least for your non easy-to-borrow stocks. 

It is also important to note that whatever upfront fee you are paying to borrow your shares, you only pay it once. There is no upfront multiplier if you decide to keep shares overnight. 

We are dedicated to helping you find the cheapest locates out there. Open an account with us to get quick service and exceptional customer support.

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